PRESSER/PODCAST: Natalie Bach Prather (10/26/16)
PRESSER/PODCAST: Natalie Bach Prather (10/26/16)
Wednesday, October 26, 2016

MARSHALL, Texas - ETBU head cross country coach Natalie Bach-Prather recaps the Dallas Invitational and previews the ASC Championship Meet this weekend in her press conference and podcast. Here is what she had to say.



On the Dallas Invitational

“The meet went really well. We actually had that crew that ran at that race. I didn’t run everybody just in case there was any sickness or injury. We just take precautions there. Those who ran did a really good job. They’ve improve their 5k times of course. Shelby Taylor Spencer got third overall, which was a good day for her. So overall, it ended up being a great meet.”

On the previous bye week.

“This bye week was a little bit different than previous ones just because we are in our taper mode. A lot of the workouts in the beginning and two weeks ago, we hit our hardest workout of the year. From then on, we just did tapering and lowering the mileage, increasing the intensity, stretching more, doing lots of ice baths. Hopefully, they’ll be very, very rested by this weekend. It worked out well because we were able to be here and participate in the homecoming events and the excitement there. A lot of the times, we’re gone that weekend. It worked out really well this year.”

On the upcoming ASC Championship Meet in Austin, Texas.

“I’m excited to see how they perform. They’ve worked really hard. I can honestly say this is the most mileage we’ve put in throughout our program, which means these kids are a lot stronger and a lot healthier. So I’m looking forward to some really good times. We do have several individuals who have the possibility of making it to regionals. I’m hoping that we see a good day from them and we’re just hoping for the best.”