BLOG: Day 8 from Nicaragua (Ivan Adams)
BLOG: Day 8 from Nicaragua (Ivan Adams)
Monday, May 15, 2017

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Day 8 Blog

Ivan Adams
ETBU Freshman
League City, Texas

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Today we woke up at 7:30 and had a great meal with the team before we headed off to church. The church we went to was called Iglesia Elevate, but even though there was a language barrier during worship, the songs that were sung were very powerful and inspiring and you could really feel the passion of the church members, which is truly inspiring. After the songs and worship, we had an American missionary preach in English, while his wife translated into Spanish.  His message was very powerful and made an impact on the team when thinking about the kind of fruit we bear as Christians.  

After church we were driving back to the hotel for lunch and our bus broke down. We were stuck on the bus for over an hour and had to wait for a new bus, which really tested our patience because we were hungry and very hot, but it was a good reminder that there will be times that things do not go our way in life and we just have to be patient and remember that God will shine his light and provide.  After we got on the other bus, we headed back to the hotel as quickly as possible since we had to be at our game in two hours and the field was an hour and a half away, so we had to eat and get dressed quickly.  

We then drove to San Marcos and to the campus of Keiser University, which is the only American University in Central America, where we played their soccer team. The field was different than what we were used to, but it was still a decent field overall. We won the match 4-1 and afterward we were able to trade our jerseys and Jose Vega shared with the other team why we are in Nicaragua. It was a fantastic opportunity to be able to play a team from Nicaragua and we were very grateful for the experience.

Overall today was another amazing day.  At the end of the day, we overcame the minor setback that was put in front of us and for our patience we were rewarded with the chance to be able to play the game we all love and spread the Gospel of the Lord to the people of Nicaragua.